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Schmidt's Articulated Marabou Spey

Schmidt's Articulated Marabou Spey

Price: $3.00


Twenty years ago, Ray modified the Popsicle, a western fly pattern, for mid-western waters. A dozen years of fishing different versions of that original fly evolved into the Articulated Marabou Spey. Besides the fact that this fly has two hooks, it also has an incredible amount of motion as it swings in the river current. It is a top-producing steelhead pattern for the Great Lakes and Michigan. Guide tested.

This fly is fished using the swing method. We like 10 feet of T-14 on the tip of a floating Skagit or Skagit Short Head fly line. Also, a 200-grain Type 6 Head on the tip of the Skagit lines works well. Six colors in size 2. Blue Charm shown.

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