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Michigan Fishing Calendar - What and When


This is typically the dead of winter in our region. Warm days will put steelhead and trout on the bite, but water temps are typically cold and the fish are lethargic. We have steelhead and trout available in streams that are open to fishing.


Early in the month can be very cold and the bottom of water temps are typically reached. As the end of the month nears steelhead fishing will pick up. New fish will begin ascending our streams on warm days.


Early in the month is generally cold, but fishing for steelhead is usually in full swing. Spring-run steelhead begin their migrations. River pressure from anglers begins to pick up. Late in the month steelhead fishing is in full swing. Smaller rivers like the Bear and Pere Marquette are better than bigger rivers in March..


Historically this is the peak of the spring steelhead run. Steelhead rivers are the busiest of the year. Fishing is very good. Trout season opens late in the month and trouting in late April is the start of a new year.


Transition month. Steelheading can be very good early in the month. Generally by mid month, steelhead are few and far between. Fishing for browns, rainbows, and brook trout is in full swing. Mayflies, caddis, and stones are emerging. This is typically the best month for streamer fishing.


Trout fishing is generally best this month. Water temperatures are perfect. All techniques are employed: dry fly, nymphing, and streamers. Giant mayfly month!


Trout fishing is excellent and some king salmon begin to show in area streams. Small mayflies and caddis fishing is good. Hopper fishing occurs late in the month.


Trout fishing is excellent with top water attractors, hoppers, skunks, etc. King salmon fishing picks up late in the month to a fever.


Trout remains excellent. King salmon are in full swing and some Coho salmon also begin to show. Steelhead make their appearance in the Manistee river mid-month. Trout season closes on some streams September 30th.


Steelhead is the best of the year! King salmon are on their way out, coho's are still available, and trouting is put on the back burner. Steelhead is king this month.


Steelhead is still king and going strong. A run of coho salmon comes into the Little Manistee. Trouting slows as water temps begin to fall.


Steelheading is very good early in the month, but drops off late in the month as water temps fall and winter sets in.

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