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Professional Fly Tying

As a life long fly tyer, Ray Schmidt has enjoyed the art, sport, therapy, and the income of being a professional fly tyer. During all his years, the one thing that has held constant is the learning process—a new way to attach a material to a hook, the myriad of new materials that have been made available, and the thousands of other things and methods has he’s learned from books and videos have kept him interested. But most of all he has learned what he knows from the hundreds of fly tyers he’s had the pleasure of being around and watch tie.


Ray has had the good fortune of watching some of the greats in the business at shows, conclaves, club meetings, and in his own backyard. Running a fly shop, we have customers come in to simply show us a new fly pattern or a method of tying that we soon deploy ourselves. It’s a sharing of talent and ideas that is uncanny.

No matter what level you tie at, beginner, intermediate or advanced, you learn by watching and participating. There is no faster way to learn, period. Quite simply, watching a professional tie is your fast track to tying better flies and faster.

Professional fly tiers such as Ray Schmidt, Kelly Galloup, and Dennis Potter employ the most effective methods for tying durable, fish-provoking flies. These are some of the best tiers in the business, and their flies are fished all over the country. We are excited to announce that these tiers will be lending their experience to our Professional Fly Tying Series. We will be providing an educational, fun, and relaxing atmosphere to put you on that fast track to success.

Because our tying instructors (excluding Ray) have travel expenses, and because they spend their living doing speaking engagements, guiding, designing flies, etc, the cost of the program is $150 per day including lunch and materials. We have reduced our lodging cost to $75.00 per night. Reservations are required.


Gary Melzer, a student in the December class with Kelly Galloup, said the following about our Professional Series Fly Tying Class:

“I felt [the Professional Fly Tying Series Class] was outstanding. Kelly Galloup is very good at explaining the techniques he uses in his type of tying. I did learn how to tie and spin deer hair, which I had not been able to do. Ray Schmidt did an excellent job making sure everyone had the necessary equipment. I definitely would recommend the class to others, especially those who have some knowledge of fly tying, but lack certain techniques in tying those types of flies. The service is always excellent at Schmidt’s. That’s why I come in so much, since everyone is so friendly.”

How to Enroll

Enrollment in Schmidt Outfitters School programs is easy. You can call us on the phone to reserve your course date at 888-221-9056. If you prefer you can email us at [email protected] or use our contact form.

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