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Spey Fishing on Manistee River
Spey Casting

The term Spey can refer to a river (in Scotland), a style, a rod, and even a cast. This multi-tasking word has changed fly angling considerably. In the last 8 to 10 years, there has been a dramatic growth in this type of fishing.

Fishing with a two-handed rod is the most common way to “spey.” A two-handed long rod has an aft handle so the angler can use both hands to cast. A two handed rod is not the only rod available on the market that can be used to spey cast, however. Fly rod companies have designed single-hand spey rods and a new type of rod called a “switch rod.” A “switch rod” can be cast as either a single-handed or two-handed rod.

Spey Casting

The spey cast is a cast that the angler makes that requires little or no back cast. This accounts for the popularity of spey fishing on some rivers since trees and embankments can inhibit back casts. In other circumstances, the long (13 to 15 ft) two-handed rod or spey rod is used because very long casts can be executed on big rivers to cover more water, more efficiently.

Spey casting is so different, such a radical departure in some cases that even the most seasoned traditional fly caster can be overwhelmed. It is so specialized that training is required. Once anglers are proficient, they become instant “Spey Bums” as we call them. Ray Schmidt says, “My spey rod is one of my most prized possessions.”

Spey School Details

We offer a Spey School every summer. This summer (2007) our program dates are August 25 and 26. We can accommodate 8 students at our program. The cost is $500.00 per student, which includes tuition, lodging, and meals. We have three instructors on our staff who specialize in spey casting.

How to Enroll

Enrollment in Schmidt Outfitters School programs is easy. You can call us on the phone to reserve your course date at 888-221-9056. If you prefer you can email us at [email protected] or use our contact form.

Spey School Schedule - 2007

6:00 PM
Dinner at our conference center. School begins with history of spey fishing and equipment review.
Saturday - August 25th, 2007
8:00 AM
Breakfast. Casting demonstrations, lesson about rod grip and balance.
10:00 AM
River Spey Casting Lesson Covering;
  1. Single spey cast
  2. Double spey cast
  3. Snap-T cast
  4. Snake Roll cast
12:00 PM
Lunch and more instruction
6:00 PM
Sunday - August 26th, 2007
8:00 AM
Breakfast and back to the river for more casting.
1:00 PM
Lunch and Final Presentations
3:00 PM
Schools Out
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