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Fly Tying Tools

Bobbins for Fly Tying Bobbins for Fly Tying
Our Ceramic and Titanium bobbins make thread wrapping easy and precise.
Fly Tying Scissors by Dr. Slick Fly Tying Scissors by Dr. Slick
Dr. Slick scissors are simply the best affordable scissors available for the fly tier.
Hackle Pliers Hackle Pliers
Quality hackle pliers for securing feathers when wrapping dry fly hackle.
Hair Stackers Hair Stackers
Hair stackers are used to even the tips of hair used for creating streamer wings and when stacking deer hair. Brass in three sizes.
Tweezers Tweezers
These quality fly tying tweezers make all those delicate tasks easy and efficient
Whip Finishers Whip Finishers
Whip finishers are used to create simple finishing knots on your fly head.

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