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Fly Tying Materials

Schmidt's offers the highest quality fly tying supplies for the avid fly tier. Select from a wide range of premium fly tying materials and equipment. Over 1500 products fully stocked in our Welston, Michigan fly shop.  We are avid fly tiers and can assist you in your selection with a simple call or browse the store with detailed product descriptions and pictures.
Beads, Dumbell Eyes, Cones and Eyes
Here is a wide selection of beads, eyes, cones and dumbell eyes to use on your fly patterns.
Chenille & Synthetic Body Materials
All the materials you need to wrap bodies for flies.
A wide array of premium dubbing for all types of flies and patterns.
Flash and Accent Materials
Flashabou, Krystal Flash Glow materials. The stuff that attracts fish.
Foam Bodies & Popper Heads
Bodies and foam for terrestrials, bass bugs and saltwater poppers.
Genetic Dry Fly Hackle
All the great hackle from the top genetic growers in the world.
Hair & Tails
Whether your looking for deer hair, moose hair, sheep hair, buck tails, squirrel tails, kip tails and synthetic hair for streamers you'll find what you need here.
Marabou, Strung Hackles, Schlappen, Emu
A complete selection of natural material that will make your fly come alive.
Peacock, Ostrich, Pheasant, Goose, Duck, Turkey
The most complete selection of feathers from many wild birds including Peacock, Ostrich, Goose, Duck, Turkey, Patridge, Gunea and more.
Wings and Things
Synthetic materials used for parachute posts, spinnerswings and many more.

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