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Pere Marquette

The Pere Marquette River is one of the most well known of all Michigan streams. Named for a Jesuit priest, it has been one of the fly fishing streams to help elevate the sport to the level of religion. It is still seen, rightly so, as a favorite altar at which to worship. The crowds alone will testify to that.

The PM as it's called, is historic in other senses as well. It was the first river in the country to be stocked with the Brown Trout from Germany, the German Brown. While that fish is still present in numbers, and offers great fly fishing challenge, the river is nearly as well known for its seasonal migrations of Steelhead and Salmon.

The PM was an important river during the logging era (1860-1900) offering transportation of logs and people to the mills down river. Today the PM is designated a National Wild and Scenic River as well as a Sate designated Natural River. This river is the playground to paddle sports, anglers and naturalists.

Our guides work this river in the lesser traveled seasons because of it's popularity. Late season Steelhead and weekday trouting is a great experience. We are one of the most experienced guide services on this historic river.
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