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Finishes and Cements

Devcon 5 Minute Epoxy

Syringe style clear epoxy dispenser.  Devcon 5 minute epoxy is used for saltwater patterns, such as bonefish bitters, and epoxy head flies.
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A thin, flexible, clear sealant.  Great for a feather glaze and sealing deer hair bugs for durability.  Thin with fl. thinner.
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Fly Head Cement

Perfect viscosity.  Penetrates threads fast and dries quickly.

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Fly Head Cement (Water Base)

This product meets U.S. Regulations for safety.  Penetrates threads and dries clear.
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Fly Head Cement with Applicator Bottle

Fly Cement with a clog free applicator bottle. Features pinpoint accuracy for dispensing head cement on flies.
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Gloss Coat

High gloss, heavy build head cement. Also a great cover coat for fluorescent lacquers.  Thin with fl. thinner.
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Zap Gel

Zap Gel is an easy to work with adhesive for gluing eyes on hair, wool, or foam.
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Thick gap filling formula with accu-tip. 1/4 fl. oz.
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