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Choosing a Sage Rod and Dealer

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In the old days, it was a pretty simple. In fact, not too long ago, most fly anglers had a single, do-everything rod.

Now, nothing could be more different. Along with constantly evolving materials and construction techniques, the graphite age has brought us a dizzying array of lighter, longer and easier-to-cast fly rods. Suddenly, it seems as though there’s a fly rod for every species, every condition and every subtle difference in casting style and preference. And believe it or not, this is good news for fly anglers. Why? Simply put, technology and modern design have made fly fishing easier. Much easier. 

Of course, with so many choices, choosing the right fly rod has never been more difficult. At Schmidt's, we believe each angler has a specific set of needs—from personal casting style and angling techniques to fish size, fly size and, yes, even your bank account size. The right rod for you is the one that allows you to cast better, fish more effectively and enjoy yourself more. For example, if your natural casting motion tends to be quick and precise, our faster action rods like the TCR or the XP will fit you perfectly. If, on the other hand, you prefer a more relaxed casting stroke, the SLT is the rod for you. 

We also offer rods for special applications to help you make the most of your precious time on the water. Two-handed rods in fast and medium-fast actions, ultra-light high-performance rods, saltwater-specific rods —how do you know which one’s right for you? Review our Web site for information; then spend a few hours at the fly shop, talk to us and try the rods you’re interested in. Then make your decision based on one simple factor: Choose the rod that makes your fishing the most fun.

Step One

To select the ideal line weight, determine the species you will be pursuing and the size and type of flies you will be using. Generally, the lighter line weights are for smaller flies and fish; the heavier line weights are for larger flies and fish.

Step Two

Determine the type of rod action you prefer. Sage offers medium to ultra-fast action rods to suit many different types of anglers.

Step Three

The proper rod length is determined by the type and size of water you will be fi shing. Generally, shorter rods are used on smaller spring creeks and streams. Longer rods are used on larger rivers, lakes and in saltwater locations.


Schmidts  can help. Let our experienced staff help you and answer any questions you may have. If your in Wellston come cast a selection of new rods in our casting  pond. 

Picking a place to buy?

Some web sites would lead you to believe that they were Sage.....background color and web page design that mimicks Sage's web site. We're not about spoof.....we're the real deal. Ray Schmidt knows Sage inside and out, you are not buying from a "let's spoof them into thinking we're Sage "....we are Schmidt Outfitters. We have been involved with Sage since 1979, yes....1979. Call us if you want to chat to a real person, this is a big investment. Want to cast before you us, we do that.

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