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Sage Two Handed Rods

Sage Two Handed Rods

Ray Schmidt on the Manistee spey casting
Wherever your quest for steelhead or salmon takes you, from the rumbling, glacial rivers of the Pacific Northwest to Quebec, Iceland or Russia, one fact is a constant: you will have to cover a lot of water. Our two-handed rods are designed to make long casts and powerful mends easier and more efficient. In other words, you'll spend more time fishing effectively and less time stripping line, false casting and snagging streamside brush. We also understand that long casts mean nothing without proper line control, which is why our two-handed rods are without equal when it comes to making precise mends in complex currents. And because you will probably make more than a few casts between fish-not that you're counting-the light, lively feel of a Sage two-hander makes each cast and swing a pleasure. Once you try one of our traditional spey-action tapers or faster, European-style rods, you'll wonder how you ever fished with a single-hander-or any other two-hander, for that matter.
TCR Spey Rods
Much like the TCR single-handed rods, these are extremely fast and powerful rods for skilled casters facing challenging conditions. Perfect for heavy lines, shooting heads, big fl ies and windy, big-water conditions.

Sage 8136-4 Traditional Two Handed Rod

A nice smaller river two-handed rod for floating lines and light tips. Perfect for smaller Great Lakes steelhead waters.
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Sage 9140-4 Traditional Style Spey

This rod is the number one choice for anglers and guides in the Northwest. Its an excellent long-range casting rod with floating or sink tip lines.
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Sage 9150-4 Traditional Style

The longer length is perfect for big water, works great when throwing large flies and sinking tips.
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Sage 7130-4 VT2 Series Two-Handed Rod

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Sage 8139-4 VT2 Series Two-Handed Rod

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Sage 9144-4 VT2 Series Two-Handed

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