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Sage TXL Fly Rods

Sage TXL fly rods combine near weightlessness with a groundbreaking level of performance. Now, through the miracle of our exclusive Sage Generation 5 (G5) Technology, going ultra-light no longer leaves you at the mercy of wind or unexpectedly big fish. G5 Technology, with Modulus Positioning System (MPS), allows us to build an amazingly light fly rod, while increasing strength, smoothness and sensitivity to “line feel.” In angling terms, that means you’ll cast better, fish more effectively and enjoy yourself more. Whether you need to make the perfect presentation to that crafty brown who’s seen it all, or simply want to maximize your small stream experience, the TXL redefines the concept of light-line fly fishing. 

On the subject of redefining the concept, we’re proud to offer the TXL in the revolutionary new 000, or “triple-ought,” line weight. This is the lightest fly rod ever made, so we also designed a special, custom line for it as well. TXL Series rods feature ultra-light snake guides, a unique, round tip-top guide and a micro-stripping guide to enhance performance and keep weight to an absolute minimum. A finely crafted, nickelsilver reel seat with a Vera wood insert and six-inch cigar-style grip complement and perfectly balance the golden olive shaft. Try a Sage TXL and we think you’ll agree, there’s never been a lighter, more sensitive, high-performance rod made. You’ll also discover that its greatest attribute just might be how much fun you’ll have.

Sage TXL Rod Specs
Line WT Length Sections Weight oz. Description Price US$ More
000 7' 10" 3 1.8125 000710-3 TXL ROD 3 PC 000WT 7' 10"L 515 Details
00 7' 10" 3 1.875 00710-3 TXL ROD 3PC 00WT 7'10'L 515 Details
0 7' 10" 3 1.9375 0710-3 TXL ROD 3PC 0WT 7'10'L 515 Details
1 7' 10" 3 2 1710-3 TXL ROD 3PC 1WT 7'10'L 520 Details
2 7' 10" 3 2.125 2710-3 TXL ROD 3PC 2WT 7'10'L 520 Details
3 7' 3 1.75 370-3 TXL ROD 3PC 3WT 7'L 515 Details
3 7' 10" 3 2.25 3710-3 TXL ROD 3PC 3WT 7'10'L 525 Details
4 7' 3 1.8125 470-3 TXL ROD 3PC 4WT 7'L 515 Details
4 7' 10" 3 2.375 4710-3 TXL ROD 3PC 4WT 7'10'L 525 Details
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