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Site Map

The following is a list of all the Categories, Products and Feature Articles on our site. We hope it will assist you in finding what you're looking for.

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Carp and Pike Fly Fishing

Our guides may be known as trout, steelhead, and salmon-lovers, but we also go after other fish species.

Cascade Crest Vises

Chenille & Synthetic Body Materials

All the materials you need to wrap bodies for flies.

Clamps and Pliers

Used for removing hooks and general fishing use. A high quality selection of tools for the fly fisherman.

Clear & Colored Plastic Fly Boxes

 A variety of quality fly boxes that will store all your nymphs, dry flies, streamers, spey flies, saltwater flies, bass, or panfish flies.

Clippers, Nippers and Retractors

Clippers and nippers for triming line. Just a a zinger and you're ready to go.

Curved Hooks



C&F; Baitfish

C&F; Baitfish Tandem

C&F; Design 1500 Streamer Box

C&F; Design 8-Row Fly Box

C&F; Whistler

Cactus Chenille

Chota Abrams Creek Wading Boot

Chota STL Wading Boots

Christmas Island Special

Clark Fork Mesh Vest

Cliff's Bugger Barn

Cliff's Bugger Beast

Cone Heads

Crane Swivels

Crooked Creek Creels

Crosseyed Cones by Spirit River

Crosswater Fly Reel

Crosswater Fly Rod by Redington

Crustacean Eyes

Crystal Antron Chenille

Crystal Egg Balls

Crystal Mirror Flash

Crystal Pike Floats (Drennan)

Cyclops Beads


Feature Articles

Custom Tying Tapered Leaders by Ray Schmidt

Celebrating Michigan Flies and Tiers by Ray Schmidt

Coyote Fly Tying Kit Bag by Jim Haeck

CPX Switch Rod 11'3" 8wt. by Brian Pitser

Chota Stow-A-Way Fleece Flip Mitt Review by Brian Pitser

Catch More Fish with Accurate Casting by Bruce Richards

Clinch Knot by