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Site Map

The following is a list of all the Categories, Products and Feature Articles on our site. We hope it will assist you in finding what you're looking for.

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Beads, Dumbell Eyes, Cones and Eyes

Here is a wide selection of beads, eyes, cones and dumbell eyes to use on your fly patterns.

Bear Creek

The Bear is the largest spawning tributary for migratory fish for the Manistee system, making it a very important river. It has great spring, summer and fall trout fishing.


Schmidt Outfitters' most popular travel destination is to the island of Ambergris Caye in Belize to fly fish for tarpon, permit, and bonefish.

Billy Pate Reels

1976 was a hallmark year for the fly fishing world. It was then that Ted Juracsik introducd his first anti-reverse Tarpon model reel designated the Billy Pate.

Boardman River

Cold, clean and excellant habitat for wild Brook trout and Michigan Browns. Great summer time hatches make this river a fly anglers delight.  This is the birthplace of the world renoun Adams fly and a very historical trout river for nothern Michigan.

Bobbins for Fly Tying

Our Ceramic and Titanium bobbins make thread wrapping easy and precise.

Books and Videos

We carry a selection of fly fishing books and videos.




Baitfish Emulator Flash

Barred Rabbit Strips (Half Skin Zonked)

Barred Rabbit Zonker Strips

Bead Chain Eyes

Bear's Cross Dresser Hex

Bear's Saddleback Hex

Billy Pate Bonefish

Billy Pate Salmon

Billy Pate Tarpon

Black-Nosed Dace

Blizzard Soft Cooler

Blue River Chest / Lumbar Pack

Bodi-Stretch Material

Borcher's Special Parachute

Buck Tails

Buggy Nymph Yarn

Bullet Head Pliers


Feature Articles

Bob Clouser School by John Gouker

Basic Fly Casts by Schmidt Outfitters

Basic Fly Lines by Schmidt Outfitters Staff

Bottled Water and Michigan Resources by Ray Schmidt