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Coyote Fly Tying Kit Bag

by Jim Haeck
04/22/09 Schmidt Outfitters 2009

Each year I move three times. Two moves to Wellston, Michigan, and one to Montana. These moves involve packing clothing, fly fishing gear, household items, and fly tying materials and equipment. While I consider myself an efficient packer, packing and stowing my fly tying items usually poses a minor problem. My system utilizes a Rubbermaid tote, a mid-size tying bag, and a leatherette briefcase. This is not an efficient system, but it carries the tying materials, hooks, etc.

Last week I seriously examined the large Fishpond Coyote Fly Tying Kit Bag. It didn’t take very long before I ordered one. Within days I had a new fly tying bag. Simply awesome! The majority of tying material and gear carried in three containers is now in one bag. I have some tweaking to do with the packing of the bag, and some of the material will be relocated within the kit. I now can carry all of the necessary fly tying items and materials in one bag.

Consider these features:

  • Rugged nylon fabric
  • Two exterior pockets for vise and components
  • Two internal zippered compartments
  • Large 10” x 16” zippered mesh pockets
  • Four 10” clear tubes for thread, tinsel, or wire
  • Twenty-two small pockets for tools
  • Two molded plastic boxes for hooks, beads, etc.
  • Eight large see-through zippered mesh materials pockets
  • Fifteen resealable clear poly bags with Velcro binding attachment
  • Padded handle
  • Removable padded shoulder strap
  • Two colors: steel blue/ moss green or moss green/steel blue

If you are a serious tyer, you should consider purchasing a Coyote Fly Tying Kit Bag. Other Fishpond items I purchased for materials storage were two of the large Eagle’s Nest Travel Pouches. I used the two large pouches to store marabou and schlappen. These see-through zippered mesh pockets come in three sizes: small (8” x 6”), medium (8” x 10”), and large (14” x 16”). The pockets used by themselves or with the Coyote Fly Tying Kit will provide an excellent, efficient method for storing and carrying fly tying materials.

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