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Dyna-King Kingfisher Fly Tying Kit Dyna King

Dyna-King Kingfisher Fly Tying Kit

Product #: dk-kf-kit

The Dyna-King "Kingfisher" vise, included in this new Kingfisher fly tying kit, was produced for the budget minded person with quality on their mind. They didn't sacrifice quality for  the price. This new Dyna-King vise will hold a hook as good as any of the other models in their line-up! Dyna-King has always been known for outstanding hook holding capability and high quality to boot.

The Dyna-King Kingfisher vise

  • Cam lever
  • 360 degree rotation
  • Hook holding power with standard jaw (hook size 22 to 8/O)
  • Choice of pedestal or clamp base

With this kit, Dyna-King has addressed every beginner's needs by supplying quality Dr. Slick tools.

Dr Slick Tools in case

  • scissors
  • bobbin
  • threader
  • half hitch tool
  • hair stacker
  • cement needle

The Kingfisher vise and Dr. Slick tool selection alone,  cost more that the price of the kit.  Dyna-King didn't stop there, they included a very high quality book to walk you through the process. This book is easy to follow with plenty of great pictures and illustrations to help you get through you first fly. However, if you are like me you need to see it done live before your eyes,  before you can figure it out, they also included a CD ROM with this kit. If you have a computer handy you can pop in the CD and watch it being tied. You can stop where you want, back up and watch it again if you didn't get it the first time. Tying materials include dubbing, thread, daiichi hooks, hackle feathers, peacock herls, elk & deer hair, and head cement. Everything a tyer needs to tie some caddis flies right away.


If you don't have the time, or there isn't a shop close by to give you live instruction. This new fly tying kit is surely the next best thing. This also makes a nice traveling companion to your favorite waters. Just open it up and start tying immediately. This is the finest fly tying kit we have seen, and we have seen a lot of them. With a price that is sure to please.