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Sage 6080 Reel and Spool Sage

Sage 6080 Reel and Spool

Line Weight: 7-8
Best for: Steelhead


This is our favorite steelhead reel, and it has been since Sage introduced this drag system years ago. Ray Schmidt's original reel (which he still has) has not changed drag settings in 10 years of guide use. This 6000 series is a serious upgrade in fit and finish from the original.

6080 Specs

  • Weight: 7-3/8 oz.
  • Lines: 7-8
  • 200 Yards
  • 20-lb Backing
  • 4" Diameter
  • 1-3/8" Width

The 6000 Series

Sage's pinnacle of contemporary fly reel design, the 6000 reel series was built their exclusive SCS drag system that creates a silky smooth resistance while efficiently dissipating heat. It does all this with a minimum of weight, allowing anglers more line feel and the ability to make more casts without fatigue. This sealed system is impervious to water, sand, and grit, requiring no maintenance beyond simple rinsing.

  • The 6000 series features Sage's SCS Cassette drag design
  • Innovative quick-change spool mechanism
  • Single rotation drag knob with numbered settings
  • Designed for maximum frame and spool rigidity
  • Color: Black/Platinum, Champagn
  • Ballistic cloth and neoprene reel case

Platinum / Black


Cassette Drag

Sage Cassette Drags are the most powerful configuration of the SCS system, built to handle punishing battles with the hardest fighting saltwater species, while also being surprisingly light. The Cassette consists of a sealed stack of carbon fiber disks, roughly the size of a quarter, in contact with stainless steel rotors. These components are created to precise tolerances and are able to dissipate heat that can ruin many less sophisticated drags. The multiplied surface area in this stack system provides smooth reliable resistance and amazing range up to extreme stopping power. The full drag range is easy to predictably set even in the heat of battle using the Cassette's unique one revolution numbered setting knob. Even better, sealed SCS Cassettes are impervious to outside elements such as sand, grit, and salt and require no maintenance beyond rinsing.