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Rio T-14 Super Fast Sink (Bulk) Rio Products

Rio T-14 Super Fast Sink (Bulk)

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We sell T-14 in bulk for $0.75 per foot.

Schmidt Outfitters staff uses T-14 in the following way:

"The Rio Skagit-style fly lines that are available now are around 27 feet long. This alone makes learning to spey cast a world easier. However, all that pretty casting doesn’t mean much if there isn’t a fish at the end of the line once in a while. So to get the flies down, I add a 6 to 12 foot piece of T-14 sinking line. This is another huge improvement in equipment in recent years. These sink tips cast much easier and sink much quicker than the 15 to 24 foot long sink tips that we used to use.

T-14 sinking lines have a mono core. You can take a piece of approximately 10lb leader material, loop it over the T-14 and strip off the exterior coating (much like stripping the casing off of wire.) After the T-14 is stripped, you can simply tie in a perfection loop for the loop-to-loop connection."


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