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Schmidt Outfitters #82 Hackle Patch
Best for: larger dry flies, bombers,wooly buggers, etc.
Price: $15.95

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Schmidt Outfitters #82 Hackle Patch
These economical patches contain great feathers for many applications.  From #8 and sometimes smaller dries to larger #2 bombers, hoppers, hex's.  This is superior hackle for Woolybuggers, Salmon and Steelhead flies.  Great for saltwater baitfish imitations from Lefty's Deceivers to hackle tips on Crazy Charlie's.

Natural Colors:  Grizzly, Dun, Brown
Dyed over Grizzly:  Olive, Fl Orange, Fl Purple
Dyed over White:  Black, Red, Olive, Fl Chartreuse, Fl Orange, Fl Purple