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The Importance of Travel Insurance

by Ray Schmidt

So you’ve saved all year to go on the big trip…Argentina, Belize or Russia. You have planned every detail and packed every fly with care. You leave Friday morning on a flight out of Chicago. It’s cold as hell and they have to de-ice and the plane is delayed. You arrive in Miami late and you miss your overseas flight by 10 minutes. The next flight gets you there, but your outfitter has already left with the rest of the group for the wilds of Patagonia and you don’t have your contact information. You can save and plan until the cows come home, but when it’s out of your control…it’s out of your control. A simple cold snap can turn a simple trip into a nightmare as recent events have demonstrated.

Now what? You have sent your money for the trip and you’ve paid the airline ticket cost to get you there and it’s a no go! Travel Insurance can’t bring the outfitter back to pick you up a day late, but it can pay you back for the cost of the trip if issues that are out of your hands happen.

Generally the cost is about 5% of the trip cost. For a $3,000.00 trip, for example, you would pay $150.00 for the insurance. It may seem expensive up front, but when the “out of your control” thing happens, it eases the pain of losing your vacation.

To buy your insurance, click on the link below. Travel Guard is a division of AIG. It’s a simple process and it takes 5 minutes to do it online.

AIG Travel Guard