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Nymph Fishing For Steelhead

Nymph Fishing For Steelhead
by Nick Homan
Schmidt Outfitters

Nymph fishing is a very effective way to steelhead fish many types of water. From slow moving pools to fast running ripples, nymph fishing has become one of my own personal favorite ways to fish the rivers.

In the springtime, the steelhead enter the river system when the water is the coolest. The fish will first hold in deep pools and near log jams along the river. Nymph fishing allows you to fish over top of submerged or floating timber that you normally would not be able to access by other traditional fly fishing techniques.

The water warms and the steelhead begin to fan the loose gravel and spawn. While the fish are spawning pre/post fish are holding in deeper pools of water. These fish are actively feeding on nymph/eggs that are loosened from the spawning steelhead.

Nymph fishing the early spawning season allows you to target fish overlooked by most fishermen. This technique will allow you to do a natural presentation of nymph/eggs to the steelhead. Nymph fishing has been highly successful for me in my fly fishing career.



Nick Homan is a fly fishing guide and fly tyer for Schmidt Outfitters. Nick was born and raised in northern Michigan and started steelhead fishing when he was 13 years old. He enjoys fishing on small rivers and experimenting with new fly fishing techniques. He has a broad knowledge of steelhead and trout species. He specializes in Nymph fishing using a variety of his own tied flies. He has grown a passion for teaching others and his greatest enjoyment is seeing the look on his clients' faces when they catch their first or their fiftieth fish. Call Schmidt Outfitters today to book your steelhead trip with Nick at 231-848-4191.