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Deer Creek Switch Rod Review

by John Gouker, Fly Fishing Guide
Schmidt Outfitters

The Deer Creek 7-weight switch rod is one of my go-to steelhead rods. The rod's versatility allows you to use multiple techniques with one rod--indicator fishing, high-stick nymphing, and two-handed swinging. TFO makes this rod price-friendly and high-quality with the price tag in the mid-$300 range. Match this rod with the Rio 7/8 Switch line for indy fishing or light swinging with Rio Versa leaders. (This makes a very versatile combo.) If you need a swing set up to really get you down, try the rod matched with a Rio Skagit Short 425 or a Scientific Anglers Skagit Extreme 440 and the appropriate length of T-14.

I would highly recommend this rod for anyone looking for a great steelhead rod or someone looking to give switch rods a try.