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Chillin' and Grillin'

by Gary Melzer
03/20/13 Schmidt Outfitters

Winter and early spring can be somewhat of a challenge when trying to fix a warm lunch while on the water. If you're fishing smaller waters, it becomes even more of a challenge. When you're using a raft, you have to be creative to keep your stove stable while cooking since you have to stay in the water since private land is off limits. Some type of flat surface is best. Another option would be to use an insulated container that is preheated to hold the food warm for a period of time. Whichever type of cooking you do on the smaller waters, extra care should definitely be taken to insure a proper lunch for you and your fishing partner.

While on the bigger rivers or areas of public land along the river, cooking a meal is somewhat less of a problem, unless the snow pack is deep or the shelf ice prevents you from getting to shore. If the boat you have is large enough for cooking on board, it is wise to be careful of the location of the gas tank on the boat even in cold weather as gas gives off sufficient fumes that could create a hazard with an open flame. It's still worth the time to set things up right and grill brats, chicken, or chops and definitely include some hot soup when it's cold. It really completes a day of fishing, especially when the bite is on. Enjoy and be safe!