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Trout Gurgler

Trout Gurgler
by John Gouker
Schmidt Outfitters

Our guide John Gouker experimented with the traditional Gurgler tied by Jack Gartside and designed this variation. The original Gartside Gurgler is frequently used for saltwater and bass fishing, but we are using it to tempt big trout by mimicking injured baitfish on the water's surface. It's the best of dry fly and streamer fishing wrapped into one.

Underbody: 2MM White Foam

Hook: Dai-Riki 810 size 6

Tail: Natural Grizzly Marabou or White MarabouPearl Crystal Mirror Flash (or substitute)

Body: Pearlescent Iris Master Bright Dubbing

Thread: White GSP 100

Step One

Affix the hook to the vise.

Step Two

Tie in flash for the tail.

Step Three

Tie in marabou over the flash.

Step Four

Tie in foam as shown, be sure to cut a wedge for easy tie in.

Step Five

Dub or wrap the chenille from the tail to the hook eye.

Step Six

Fold foam forward and tie down behind the eye.

Step Seven

Cut the extra foam to the desired lip length. Keep in mind that the longer the lip, the more 'gurgle' this fly will have.

Finished Fly / Side View

Underside View

  • Gurglin' Trout -

    This is a new twist on an old favorite. Guide John Gouker has been experimenting with the Gurgler--for trout!