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Surgeon's Knot

by Ray Schmidt

The Surgeon's Knot is most commonly used to tie a new piece of tippet to the end of a tapered leader. It's quick, simple, and strong! For the purpose of easy viewing, we tied this knot using hi-vis fly line.

Step One

For the purpose of demonstration, let's say the leader is the green line and the new tippet is the orange. Lay the material to be tied parallel.

Step Two

Begin the knot by grabbing the lines like this.

Step Three

Form a loop as shown

Step Four

Pass the tippet end of the line through the loop.

Step Five

Pass the tippet end through the same loop again. Twice through the loop.


Step Six

Holding all pieces, draw the knot to a close.

Step Seven

Drawn down the knot with a little moisture (spit).

Step Eight

Trim ends. Completed Surgeons Knot.