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Tying the Blood Knot

by Ray Schmidt

The Blood Knot is an excellent knot for tying together two pieces of monofilament that are similar in size. If the two pieces of monofilament are more than .002-inch different, then a Surgeon's Knot is more dependable. Despite the Blood Knot being more difficult to tie than a Surgeon's Knot, it is used because the knot keeps the two pieces of material that are tied together in perfect alignment.

 For the purpose of easy viewing, we tied this blood knot using hi-vis fly line.

Step One

Make an X with the two pieces of monofilement to be tied together.



Step Two

Begin by wrapping one of the leader ends around the other clockwise 3 to 5 wraps. This variance is due to the different monofiliment diameters used. The larger the diameter, the fewer the wraps; the smaller diameter leaders should have 4 to 5 wraps.


Step Three

When wraps are complete, bring the tag end back to the start point and pass the tag through the start position.


Step Four

With the other tag end, wrap in the opposite direction, counter clockwise as shown.


Step Five

Pass this tag in through the same spot as the previous, but in opposite directions. This is an important step.


 Step Six

As this photo illustrates, the tag ends are opposite and stay opposite. As the knot begins to draw down, moisten.


Step Seven

Draw the moistened knot down and trim the ends, Complete!