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Northern Michigan Hatch Guide

The information contained in this graph is from John Oberlatz who wrote The Hatch Guide which is a joint fundraising project of the Leon P. Maruch Chapter of Trout Unlimited and the Anglers of the Au Sable.


 Latin Name

Common Name

 Fly Type Hook Size Hatch Time  Hatch Month(s) Adult Color Spinner Color


Tiny Early Winter Black

Stonefly Brown 18-20 Afternoon January, February, March, April, May   Blackish


Tiny Late Winter Black

 Stonefly 16-18 Afternoon February, March, April, May  Blackish Brown  

Taeniopteryx nivalis

Early Brown Stone

 Stonefly  10-12 Afternoon February, March, April, May  Blackish Brown  

 Baetis Tricaudatus

Blue-Wing Olive

 Mayfly 16-18  Noon, Evening April, May, June, July, August  Olive Brown Olive Brown

 Paraleptophlebia Adoptiva

Slate-Wing Mahogany

 Mayfly 16-18  Mid-Day  April, May Reddish Brown Reddish Brown

Ephemerella Subvaria


Mayfly 10-12 Afternoon May Pinkish Gray Reddish Brown

Brachycentrus Lateralis

Little Black Caddis

Caddis 16-18 Mid-Day May, June Blackish Brown  

 Leptophlebia Cupia

Black Quill

 Mayfly  10-12  Afternoon May Brown  Brown

 Brachycentrus Numerosus

American Grammon

 Caddis  14-16 Mid-Day  May, June  Brownish Olive  


Green Sedge

 Caddis 14-16 Afternoon May, June  Brownish Gray  

Isoperla Bilineata

Medium Brown Stonefly

Stonefly 10-12  Morning and Night May, June, July  Olive Brown  

Pteronarcys Dorsata

Eastern Salmon Fly

 Stonefly 4-4XL Morning and Evening  May, June Orange Brown  

 Baetis Cinctutus

Blue-Wing Olive

 Mayfly  18-20 Afternoon and Evening May, June  Olive Brown Yellowish White

Rhithrogena Jejuna

Red Quill

Mayfly 14 Afternoon May, June Reddish Brown Brown

 Acroneuria Lycorias

Golden Stonefly

 Stonefly  8-4XL Morning and Night  May, June, July, August Golden  


Cinnamon Sedge

 Caddis 14-16 Evening & Night May, June, July, August Cinnamon  

 Ephemerella Invaria

Light Hendrickson/Sulphur

Mayfly 14-16  Afternoon  Afternoon  Yellow Brownish Yellow

 Ephemerella Rotunda

Light Hedrickson/Sulphur

 Mayfly  12


 May, June  Yellow Brownish Yellow

Stenonema Vicarium

March Brown

Mayfly 10-2X Sporadic and Evening May, June Olive Brown Brownish Olive

Ephemerella Dorothea


Mayfly 16-18 Evening May, June Creamy Yellow Brownish Yellow


Little Green Sedge

 Caddis 16 Afternoon to Evening May, June, July, August Olive  

Drunella Cornuta

Slate-Wing Olive

 Mayfly 12-14  Morning June  Olive  Dark Olive

Isonychia Bicolor

Large Mahogany Dun

Mayfly 10-2X  Afternoon and Evening  June, July, August, September Reddish Brown Reddish Brown

Siphlonurus Rapidus

Gray Drake

Mayfly 10-12 Sporadic June Purplish Gray Grayish Brown

Siphlonurus Quebecensis

Gray Drake

Mayfly 8 Sporadic June Purplish Gray Grayish Brown

Ephemera Simulans

Brown Drake

 Mayfly  8-10 Dusk June Dark Brown Yellowish Brown

 Allperla Candata

Little Yellow Stonefly

 Stonefly  14-18 Morning June, July, August Yellow  

 Alloperla Imbecilla

Little Green Stonefly

Stonefly 14-18  Morning  June, July, August Green  

Ephemerella Excrucians

Blue-Wing Olive

Mayfly  18-20 Afternoon and Evening  June Brownish Olive  Brown

Epeorus Vitreus

Pale Evening Dun

Mayfly 12-14 Evening June, July Yellowish Olive Creamy Yellow


Great Orange Sedge

Caddis 10-2X Night June, July Orange Brown  


White Miller

Caddis 14 Afternoon and Evening June, July, August, September Pale Green  

 Hexagenia Limbata

Giant Michigan Mayfly

 Mayfly  8-4XL  Dusk and Dark  June, July  Yellow Brown  Yellow

Epemerella Neehami

Red Quill

Mayfly 16-18 Morning June, July Brown Brown

Drunella Cornutella

Slate-Wing Olive

Mayfly 16-18 Morning June, July Olive Dark Olive

Baetis Punctiventris

Tiny Blue-Wing Olive

Mayfly 22 Sporadic and Evening June, July, August, September, October Olive Olive

Siphlonurus Alternatus

Gray Drake

Mayfly 10-2X Sporadic July Purplish Gray Grayish Brown

Stenonema Ithaca

Light Cahill

Mayfly 12 Sporadic July Yellowish Cream Yellowish Cream

Stenacron Interpunctatum

Light Cahill

Mayfly 12-14 Sporadic and Evening June, July, August Yellowish Cream Yellowish Cream

 Paragentina Media

Golden Stone

 Stonefly  8-4XL  Night July  Amber  

 Ephemera Varia

Yellow Drake

 Mayfly  10-2X  Dusk  July Cream  Cream

 Potamanthus Distinctus

Golden Drake

 Mayfly  10-2X Evening and Dark July and August  Yellowish Cream Yellowish Cream

 Brachycentrus Americanus

American Grannom

 Caddis  14-16 Early Morning  July  Brownish Olive  

Drunella Lata

Slate-Wing Olive

Mayfly 16-18 Morning

July, August

Brownish Olive Dark Olive

Tricorythodes Stygiatus


Mayfly 26 Morning July, August, September Blackish Brown Blackish Brown

Tricorythodes Atratus


Mayfly  22-26  Morning  July, August, September  Blackish Brown Blackish Brown

 Acerpenna Pygmae

Blue-Wing Olive

 Mayfly  22 Afternoon  August, September Olive Brown

Paraleptophlebia Debilis

Dark Blue Quill

 Mayfly 16  Afternoon  August, September, October  Reddish Brown Reddish Brown


Great Brown Autumn Sedge

Caddis 6-4XL Dusk and Night August, September, October Orange Brown  

Ephoron Leukon

White Mayfly

Mayfly 10-12 Evening August, September Yellowish White White

Ephoron Album

White Mayfly

Mayfly 14-16 Evening August, September Yellowish White White