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Fishing Kelly Galloup Streamers in the Great Lakes Region

by Ray Schmidt
04/18/09 2009 Schmidt Outfitters

When Kelly Galloup is mentioned, a smile comes to most folks' faces. Kelly has a colorful personality to put it mildly. You never tell anyone in a crowd how big your biggest fish is when Kelly is around, because his is always bigger. Every time. This sets the stage for his humor and wit. Kelly leads the pack as far as tying innovation. He is always on the hunt for new ideas, materials, and techniques to lure big fish to his fly.

Kelly has truly influenced thousands of anglers in the sport and art of streamer fly fishing. Not only are his flies one of a kind, but the names are unique as well. We fish his streamers on our northern Michigan streams to great success. He has written a couple of great books on the subject and is working on another.

Kelly has been a personal friend of mine for nearly 25 years. I've watched him mature and develop into one of today's most important fly fishing personalities and innovators. Kelly and his wife Penny own and operate The Slide Inn in Cameron, Montana. Visit his web site to learn more about Kelly and the business he developed.

We carry a selection of Kelly's best streamer patterns in the shop.