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Mono Loop Knot

by Ray Schmidt

Tying the Mono Loop Knot

This is the knot we use to fish all types of streamer patterns for trout, smallmouth bass, steelhead, and saltwater patterns. This knot is used with tippet sizes 8 through 25lb test. We do not use this knot for tippet size 6lb and smaller.

The Mono Loop Knot allows complete freedom of movement of your fly. Try it--you won't go back!

Step One

Tie an overhand knot approx 6" up the leader.

Step Two

Insert the tag end through the fly eye.

Step Three

Pass the leader tag back through the overhand knot, entering where the other exited.

Step Four

Draw down the overhand knot as shown.

Step Five

Slide the overhand knot to the fly eye.

Step Six

With the leader tag end, form a loop around the standing line. 

Step Seven

Wrap the tag end through the loop around the standing line 3 to 4 times.

Step Eight

Moisten the leader and pull the tag end to draw down the knot.

Step Nine

Tighten the loops against the overhand knot.


Step Ten

To complete the knot, pull the standing line tight. The loop will open a small amount and the knot will be complete.


Step Eleven

Finished knot--go fishing!