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Improved Albright Knot

by Ray Schmidt

Tying the Improved Albright Knot

Improved Albright? You bet. The extra jam knot on the backing side of this knot provides an 'on ramp' for the knot to slide through the guides of the rod much easier, and virtually eliminates the chance of this knot catching in the guides. Once you tie and use this method, you will never use the old style again.

Step One

Form a loop in the fly line.

Step Two

Insert backing tag end through the loop.

Step Three

Give yourself 6" of backing to complete the knot.

Step Four:

Begin wrapping the backing tag end over the fly line and the standing line of the backing.

Step Five:

Five to seven wraps are normal.

Step Six: 

Insert the backing tag end through the fly line loop.

Step Seven:

Make sure the backing tag end exits the loop the same direction as it entered as shown

Step Eight:

Draw the knot down.

Step Nine:

With the backing tag end, form a loop as shown.  

Step Ten:

Wrap the tag end through the loop three to four times.

Step Eleven:

Pull the tag end of the backing to draw down the wraps toward the fly lines.

Step Twelve:

Tighten the knot

Step Thirteen:

Apply a drop of super glue.

Step Fourteen:

Let the knot dry for a couple of minutes, then trim the tags.

Improved Albright Knot