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Using Rio T-14

by Ray Schmidt

Tying the Perfection Loop on T-14 Mono Core fly line


Step One:

T-14 fly line.

Step Two:

Cut an 18 inch piece of 10lb test monofilament and form a U loop as shown.

 Step Three:

Reach through the underside of the loop with your thumb and index finger.

Step Four:

Turn your thumb and index finger over as shown to begin forming two parallel loops.

Step Five:

When converted you end up with a Lark's Head Loop.

Step Six:

Slide the Lark's Head Loop on the T-14 approximately 6 inches from the end.

Step Seven:

Tighten the Lark's Head Loop around the coating of the T-14 fly line.

T-14 Step Eight Step Eight:

With force pull the monofiliment and this action will strip the coating off the T-14

 Step Nine:

Pull the coating off the T-14 (it should come right off.)

Step Ten:

This is Step One of the Perfection Loop. Follow the link to see directions.

T-14 Step Eleven Step Eleven:

Step Two of the Perfection Loop.

Step Twelve

Step Three of the Perfection Loop.

T-14 Step Thirteen

Step Thirteen:

Step Four of the Perfection Loop.


Trim the tag.