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Perfection Loop

by Ray Schmidt

Tying the Perfection Loop

For the purpose of easy viewing, we tied this Perfection Loop using a hi-vis heavy monofilament.

Perfection Loop Step One

Step One:

Holding the line in your left hand, make a loop as shown leaving approx 5" of tag.


Perfection Loop Step Two

Step Two:

Begin to make a second loop (smaller) around the first loop as shown.

Perfection Loop Step Three

Step Three:

Completed second loop around the first loop.


Perfection Loop Step FourStep Four:

Grab the tag and sandwich the line between the two loops as shown.


Perfection Loop Step Five

Step Five:

Reach thru the first loop and get a hold of the second loop.

Perfection Loop Step Six

Step Six:

Pull the second loop as shown.

Perfection Loop Step Seven

Step Seven:

Begin to tighten the knot. While still loose, moisten.

Perfection Loop Step Eight

Step Eight:

Continue to draw the knot down slowly.

Finished Perfection Loop

Finished Perfection Loop:

Trim the tag...a perfect (Perfection) loop.