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Steelhead on the Fly

Steelhead on the Fly

Northern Michigan has abundant opportunities for steelhead fly anglers.

Steelhead Fly Fishing at Schmidt Outfitters video

Transitional Steelhead

If you are like me, you are starting to dream of spring, warmer weather, and of course, steelhead. Spring may still seem a long way off with the recent arctic blasts we have been experiencing, but within the next month, things should start to break free of winter's grip and our steelhead will start acting accordingly.

by Matt Barthels
Swing Fishing

As we move into November, river conditions and fish behavior begin to change. The last of the salmon have died off and the eggs that have flooded our rivers for the past two months have started to taper off. The diminishing amount of caviar around will have the steelhead in the rivers moving into sandier lies and looking for different food sources. This opens up the opportunity to utilize one of the most exciting techniques we use for steelhead--swinging.

by Matt Barthels
Spring Steelhead Techniques

Oh, the joys of spring steelheading on the fly!

by Nick Homan
2013 Steelhead Photos

The spring, fall, and winter migrations of steelhead are a major draw for anglers in northern Michigan. Check out our photo album of some of the steelhead our guides and clients have landed in 2013.

Easy Ice Dub Alevin Easy Ice Dub Alevin

Jim Haeck stopped in the fly shop to tell me how great Ice Dub is for tying alevin patterns, a steelhead favorite in the spring. We decided to put together a step-by-step pattern so that you can tie them at home.

by Jim Haeck
High Water Steelhead Fishing

Many anglers take one look at the stained water and heavy flows and figure it's not worth the time and effort to fish in those conditions, but by changing your approach, you can have tremendous success in spite of the water conditions.

by Matt Barthels