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Fly Fishing Knots

Nothing is more frustrating than being on the water with fish moving and having to tie a knot that is difficult to tie. You can prevent that by practicing knots at home. In fact, you should be using no knot on the river you aren't absolutely comfortable tying. The best way to become comfortable is practice. Here are some tips on making the most of knot practice.

  • When learning any knot, begin tying it with line that is much larger than what will eventually be used. For example, if you fish most often with 4X tippet, then practice your knot with 6-, 8-, or even 12-lb line. Gradually move to the smaller line as you become more comfortable with the new knot.
  • You can practice tying knots while doing something else, such as listening to music or watching television. In fact, this prepares you well for fishing and tying knots. You should be able to watch for new rising fish while tying on a fly in the background of your focus.
  • Tie several dozen of any knot before you feel you can tie it in outdoor conditions.
Hook Keeper

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