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Sage Fly Rods

Sage fly rods dealer

Sage fly rods are known around the world for quality and performance

Schmidt Outfitters and Sage

Our three decade collaboration with Sage began in 1979. You could say we got in on the ground floor, literally. Founder Ray Schmidt was among the half dozen fly fishing professionals invited to meet in a basement conference room at the Bainbridge Island Holiday Inn to select a name and initial marketing plan for the new fly rod manufacturer. That was the beginning of the world’s largest producer of premium fly rods. Ray Schmidt served on Team Sage for many, many years and was instrumental in helping develop the Sage rods, reels and gear of today. We’re pretty proud of that and can say with confidence that if you’re looking for a dealer who knows Sage products inside and out, you came to the right place.

Sage and Schmidt Outfitters. Time tested and proven top quality. We guarantee it.

Sage 99 Series

The 99 is a light, perfectly balanced rod that casts like a 9-footer but fishes like a 10.

Sage ONE Fly Rods

Need precision and accuracy in a wide range of conditions? Choose Sage's ONE, their flagship "all-around" rod. 

Sage TCX Series Rods

Sage's TCX series redefines the extreme distance category in rods. This series of rods is lightweight, strong, and powerful. The enhanced line feel and feedback mean intuitively better timing and an extraordinary level of casting ease for ultra-high-performance fly rods.

Sage Two Handed Rods

Sage offers a wide range of traditional and European style two handed fly rods for the spey casting aficionado.

Sage TXL-F Series Fly Rods

Sage's ultra lightweight rod family for ultimate sensitivity. The most ideal rod for fishing tiny flies with ultra light tippets.

Sage Xi3 Rod Series

With Sage's exclusive SaltH2O Technology, Xi3 rods provide a groudbreaking level of torque and torsion resistance for superior tracking and less wasted energy at all distances. SaltH2O's unique layer interface and proprietary resin also combine for maximum strength--even in high heat environments--and significantly less weight.

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