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Steelhead on the Fly

Steelhead on the Fly

Indicator Fishing

November is probably my favorite time of year to target steelhead. Yes, the weather can be a bit unpredictable, but with the correct layering, any day can be comfortable. My favorite thing about November is that there are a variety of techniques that can effectively be used to target steelhead. Of course, drift fishing will always take fish, but fishing with a floating line and indicator will start to shine as fall moves into winter.

by Matt Barthels
Nymph Fishing For Steelhead

Fly fishing guide Nick Homan loves nymphing for steelhead. Learn more about nymphing as he explains why it is a successful northern Michigan technique.

by Nick Homan
Nymphing and Spey Fishing in Winter

Steelhead fishing in the winter can be an enjoyable, peaceful experience. The traffic on the river has slowed down for the season. You can enjoy the beauty of nature, from deer to bald eagles soaring above in the sky. You do not have to sit at home thinking or dreaming of going fly fishing. Winter time offers a variety of different opportunities to learn new techniques and brush up on old ones.

by Nick Homan
Swing Into Spring

Swinging flies for steelhead is a fun, productive method not to be overlooked.

by John Gouker
Using Ice Dub for Fly Bodies

Guides and other local tyers have been using ice dub in many of their favorite swing patterns. Here's a primer on using it for fly bodies.

by Jim Haeck