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Fly Fishing Manual

Schmidt Outfitters runs world-famous fly fishing schools. Read articles taken out of our Fly Fishing Manual to get an understanding of the basics.

Reel Parts and Preventative Maintenance New!

Knowing the names of the reel parts and how to maintain them in the best working order can save a lot of frustration on the water.

by Ray Schmidt
Daiichi Fly Tiers Reference

Here is a comprehensive comparison chart of fly tying hooks from Daiichi. Handy reference on your fly tying desk or while shopping.

by Anglers Sport Group
Aquatic Entomology For Beginners

Knowing which fly to choose to "match the hatch" is important. Read this little biology refresher course to reacquaint yourself with aquatic insect life.

by Schmidt Outfitters
Basic Fly Casts

Learning to cast well requires knowledge of the casting process and individual practice. Read here about the most basic fly casts.

by Schmidt Outfitters
Basic Fly Lines

Beginners to fly fishing can become overwhelmed by the complexity of fly lines. Read an excerpt from our Fly Fishing School Manual to get an overview of the basic fly line including weight, taper, and type.

by Schmidt Outfitters Staff
Fishing Etiquette

Enjoying an outdoor activity that does not intrude on others is a pleasure and a right. Read Schmidt Outfitters' recommendations for proper fishing and boating etiquette.

by Schmidt Outfitters Staff