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Renzetti Traveler 2300 Vise - Cam Model Renzetti

Renzetti Traveler 2300 Vise - Cam Model

Product #: 2300 Series

For hooks #28 to 4/0

Redesigning the Traveler Series Vises, Renzetti's best selling product line, was a decision that was a year in the making. The most visual change is the anodizing on all aluminum parts. This change alone will give a longer lasting finish to the vise. A 7" stem on the base adds more comfort to the tyer, a redesigned Renzetti trademark rotary shaft gives a more stylish look and a polyurethane o-ring on the jaws adds longer wear to your tying experience.


  • All anodized aluminum parts
  • Bobbin cradle
  • Case hardened patented cam jaws
  • Polyurethane o-ring
  • Rotary tension screw
  • A black powder-coated base with a 7" aluminum stem or a black powder-coated c-clamp with an 8" stem

Pedestal Base Model Shown