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Mastery Steelhead Fly Line Scientific Anglers

Mastery Steelhead Fly Line

Product #: Steelhead Taper
Line Weight: WF6-10
Best for: Steelhead
Length: 105 ft.
Price: $74.95

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The SA Mastery Series Steelhead Specialty Taper is designed specifically for fishing steelhead and salmon, this unique taper allows mending and roll casting in the 50'-70' range as well as being exceptionally effective when long distance casting is required.


  • Specially designed for the big-water requirements of steelhead and salmon fly anglers
  • The ultimate choice for long-distance line control
  • Allows mending and roll casting up to 70'
  • Stays supple in cold water

Unlike other long-belly lines, Mastery Series Steelhead has a specifically designed taper that best meets the unique needs of big water anglers

  • Longer head for increased distance
  • Turns over big flies with ease
  • Longer front taper delays turnover
  • Extended rear taper facilitates long-distance mending and pickups
  • Rear taper also increases your ability to carry and control more line in the air

Steelhead Taper Line Diagram

  • CORE: Braided multifilament nylon with optimum air entrapment for minimum memory, maximum floatation
  • COATING:Specially formulated 3M PVC with patented AST - Advanced Shooting Technology -designed to stay supple in cool steelhead waters
  • COLOR: Mist Green
  • DELIVERY: Moderate