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Schmidt Fall
Steelhead Fly Collection

Schmidt Fall Steelhead Fly Collection

Best for: Fall Steelhead

Fall Steelhead ascend our rivers for a variety of reasons, but whatever theory is true, they are the feistiest steelhead on the planet.

As fly anglers, we have some of the best options: egg flies and aquatic nymphs like caddis larva, leeches, and mayflies. We fish these patterns close to the bottom in a couple different techniques, but the results are the same--silver torpedoes in the air.

We have put together a selection of our best flies in this Fall Steelhead Fly Box Special.

  • Schmidt Outfitters Logo Fly Box
  • 4 STS Buggers
  • 4 PCP Flash Nymphs
  • 4 Caddis Larva
  • 12 assorted Glo Bug Eggs