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Fly Fishing Central America

Fly Fishing Saltwater

Central America

Central America offers some of the worlds best salt-water flyfishing for Tarpon, Bonefish, Permit, and other saltwater flats fish.

The following is a suggested list of rods, reels, flylines, leaders and flies for the flats of Central America.

 Bonefish, the Bonefish of Central America are 2 to 5lbs. The all around rod is a 9 ft. 8wt, 3pc.

               Reels for Bonefish should be saltwater safe and have high quality disc drags

               Fly lines must be specific saltwater… WF8F Bonefish taper.

               Leaders should be saltwater leaders….9 to 10 ft. long, 6 to 10 LB tippet

               Flies: Gotcha  imitations in

               Pink and tan. Small Clousers and crab patterns. Sizes should be 6 and 4.


Permit    Small crab patterns, size 6and 4.


              Shrimp patterns

              Gotcha’s in size 2 & 4



Tarpon   Tarpon flies should be sizes 1/0,2/0 and 3/0

              Apte Too, brown/orange, black/red, yellow/brown

              Black Death


              Tarpon Glo

              Red &White Tarpon


A permit can be caught on Bonefish gear (rod/reel) Generally you have two rods rigged in their skiff, a Bonefish rod and a Tarpon rod. If you had the best of all world you would rig three rods. 8wt for bonefish, 10 wt. For permit and an 11wt for Tarpon. I choose to rig an 8 wt. And a 11 wt. And take my chances with the 8 wt. for Permit.

Tarpon rods should be 9ft, 11wt 3pc. A fore grip or fighting grip is preferred. A high quality saltwater safe, disc drag reel is a must. Flyline should be a WF11F Tarpon taper. Leaders should be 60lb butt sections with 20lb.class section and an 80t0100lb. Shock tippet. Total length should be about 9to 10 feet.

We recommend you buy and read the book “Practical Fishing Knots” by Mark Sosin and Lefty Kreh. Please practice tying these knots before your trip.

If you are not efficient at casting and have any opportunity to attend any casting clinics before the trip please do so, it will make your investment pay off.