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Rio Skagit Spey Line Rio Products

Rio Skagit Spey Line

Product #: rio skagit body
Line Weight: 7-12
Best for: Skagit style spey casting
Length: 120 ft.
Price: $99.95

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Skagit Spey Lines

Skagit Spey is a revolutionary new line from the pioneers of modern spey lines at Rio Products.


Designed for Skagit-style spey casting which requires a very short, 25-27' heavy head that will propel heavy sink tips and big flies great distnaces with a very short casting stroke.  Skagit casting is easy for novice or experienced casters to learn.  For casting the Skagit Spey the total head length should be matched to the rod; the total head length including the sink tip should be no more than 3-3 1/2 times the length of the rod.  To adjust for the rod length simply add a 5' or 10' Skagit Cheater to achieve the desired load and length.  The Rio 15' sinking tips or T-14 can be used to achieve the desired depth.  The Skagit Spey features Rio's welded loop for fast tip changes and is also available as a full floating line with a 44' head to cast bombers and weighted flies for summer steelhead.  The line is yellow with a green "loading point" for optimum casting control.

Skagit Spey Body Characteristics

(Ideal for use with sink tips and T-14)
Length:  120ft.(36.5M) Sizes:  400gr, 450gr, 500gr, 550gr, 650gr, 750gr.

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