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Woolly Sculpin

Woolly Sculpin

Kelly Galloup developed this simple but effective sculipin fly pattern.

”This is my version of Ed Shenk's sculpin. I tie this fly in every color under the sun. I like it in black, white, olive, tan, chartreuse, and yellow, but I tie it in any color that comes to mind. This is a great multiple-trigger fly—it could be a sculpin, crayfish, or a minnow. One thing is for sure: It is a great big-fish fly and should be in every streamer angler’s fly box.” - Kelly Galloup


Woolly Sculpin Pattern Recipe

#2-8 3XL streamer hook.
Cream marabou.
Medium brown/yellow variegated chenille (shown) or medium Cactus Chenille.
Strung cream saddle hackle.
Deer hair, spun and flared.
Deer hair, spun and trimmed to Muddler shape.

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