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Site Map

The following is a list of all the Categories, Products and Feature Articles on our site. We hope it will assist you in finding what you're looking for.

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These breathable waders are the guides choice. Come see why.

Wading Belts, Staffs, and Gravel Guards

Wading belts and staffs are important safety items. These products provide maximum performance, and yes, even style.

Wading Boots

We now carry Chota wading boots. We are updating the products for the new season.

Wading Socks

Choose from wet wading socks to heavy wool wading socks for use with stocking foot waders.

Waterproof Fly Boxes

Designed to keep your flies dry even if dropped in the water or when you take a spill. Rigid cases wont get crushed.

Wet / Nymph Hooks

Whip Finishers and Half Hitch Tools

Whip finishers are used to create simple finishing knots on your fly head.

Wings and Things

Synthetic materials used for parachute posts, spinnerswings and many more.

Women's Waders

Womens waders are designed with a womens body in mind. Comfortable breathables with all the great features.



Water Shed Permanent Waterproofing Liquid

Wood Chuck Fur

Wood Duck, Lemon Barred

Woolhead Dubbing

Woolly Sculpin


Feature Articles

What to Look for in a Fly Fishing School by Ray Schmidt

Winter Spey Fly by Nick Homan

Women's Fly Fishing School 2015 with Linda Heller by