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Site Map

The following is a list of all the Categories, Products and Feature Articles on our site. We hope it will assist you in finding what you're looking for.

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Technical Reviews

Check out our exclusive on the water technical reviews

Temple Fork Outfitters

Affordable and high performance was hard to find before TFO came on to the rod scene. Now you can have both.

Terminal Tackle

Terminal means stuff that is fairly often lost to the river...leader stuff, swivels, etc.

The Schmidt House

View photos of this clean and comfy house available for nightly rental at Schmidt Outfitters.


Thermometers are a necessary tool to determine hatch conditions and fish activity. An essential tool for the serious angler.

Tibor Fly Reels

Simply the best American made reel on the market today.  The Tibor/Billy Pate name has set the standard for custom crafted fly reels. 

Tibor Light Series Reels

Suitable for 3 to 9 weight rods in both fresh and saltwater conditions, even the most fragile tippet can be fished with confidence. Their superbly smooth drag systems deliver unmatched performance against anything from an 8 inch brook trout to a 30 pound tarpon.

Tibor Series Reels

Innovations like the large arbor spool significantly increase the rate of line retrieval and give anglers greater control of reel-smoking species like bonefish, permit, wahoo, and tuna. The impregnated cork disc drag system delivers strong, smooth, and reliable performance on the water. 

Tippet Material

Regular and Fluorocarbon tippets for fresh and saltwater use. The finest tippet materials available from Maxima and Rio.

Tools and Other Fly Fishing Essentials

Tools include grips, gages, lanyards, and other items you want with your gear bag, or fishing vest.

Trout Fishing

Trout Flies

We carry a nice selection of dry flies, hex flies, and attractor patterns perfect for trout fishing.

Trout Flies

Heading up to Michigan's Au Sable? Be sure to take some of these hot trout flies with you.

Tube Fly Supplies

Tube flies are increasing in popularity.

Tube Fly Tools

This is one amazing tool that you simply use in your current fly tying vise. Click on and read more about it...


These quality fly tying tweezers make all those delicate tasks easy and efficient



Temple Fork BVK Rods

Temple Fork Clouser Series Fly Rods

Temple Fork Outfitters Carry All Fly Fishing Bag

Temple Fork Outfitters Deer Creek Switch Rods

Temple Fork Pandion Two-Handed Series Fly Rods

Temple Fork Professional Series II


The Patriot

Thin Skin Mottled Oak


Thingamabobber with Jam Stop

Threader/Cleaner - Matarelli

Threaders (3 Sets) - Griffin

Tibor Back Country Wide CL Fly Reel

Tibor Everglades Fly Reel

Tibor Gulfstream Fly Reel

Tibor Pacific Fly Reel

Tibor Riptide Fly Reel

Tibor Spring Creek CL Fly Reel

Tibor Tail Water CL Fly Reel

TiCr X Series by Temple Fork Outfitters

Tie Fast Knot Tyer

Tippet Retainer with Floatant Holder

Tool Carousel

Tungsten Beads

Tungsten Carbide Scissor 4" Black Loops

Turkey Wing Quill


Feature Articles

Transitional Steelhead by Matt Barthels

Tying the Blood Knot by Ray Schmidt

Temple Fork's Deer Creek Spey 13' 7/8 Wt. by Jim Haeck

The Giant Mayfly Hex Hatch by Ray Scmidt

Thank you! by Paul Transue

The Hex Hatch by Brent Borcherdt

Trout Gurgler by John Gouker