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Site Map

The following is a list of all the Categories, Products and Feature Articles on our site. We hope it will assist you in finding what you're looking for.

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Salmon and Steelhead Hooks

Salmon Fly Fishing

Saltwater / Specialty Hooks

Saltwater Leaders

Saltwater Fly Fishing Leaders for bonefish, permit and redfish.  We carry Scientific Anglers Mastery Series Leaders.

Schmidt Lodging

First class. Conveniently located on our 10 acre facility.

Scientific Anglers Fly Line

In the history of every industry, one name usually stands out as the driving force behind its very existence. In fly-fishing, that name is Scientific Anglers™

Shooting Lines

Shooting lines from Rio and Scientific Anglers

Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Northern Michigan presents many options for fishing smallmouth bass on the fly.

Smallmouth Bass Flies

Spey Angling

Spey Fishing Lines

Lines from Rio for all spey fishing applications.  Floating spey lines to the Skagit Series lines, we have your spey needs covered.

Steelhead and Salmon Flies

Schmidt Outfitters carries a wide selection of Great Lakes steelhead and salmon flies.

Steelhead Fishing

Steelhead are a major draw to fly anglers in Michigan.

Steelhead Flies

This collection of steelhead flies includes everything you need from eggs, nymphs, streamers and spey patterns when persuing the steelhead of the Great Lakes

Steelhead on the Fly

Streamer Flies

We carry streamer patterns designed specifically for Michigan and the Great Lakes region, with many designed by Ray Schmidt.

Streamer Hooks

Synthetic Hair Materials



Saltwater Flashabou

Schmidt Fall Steelhead Fly Collection

Schmidt's Antron Estaz Bug

Schmidt's Articulated Marabou Spey

Schmidt's Articulated Sculpin

Schmidt's Bucktail Streamer

Schmidt's Caddis Larva

Schmidt's Egg Flies (Set of 3)

Schmidt's Egg Sucking Leech

Schmidt's Hot Butt Antron Bug

Schmidt's PCP Flash Nymph

Schmidt's Rabbit Muddler (Madonna)

Schmidt's Rattlesnake Muddler

Schmidt's Salmon Snake Streamer

Schmidt's STS Woolly Bugger

Scientific Anglers Floatant Holder

Scientific Anglers Fly Floatant

Scientific Anglers Fly Line Dressing

Scientific Anglers Mastery Freshwater Floating Pike/Muskie

Scientific Anglers Mastery Series Freshwater Floating Bass Bug

Scientific Anglers Mastery Series Nymph

Scientific Anglers Mastery Series Spey/Salmon

Scud Back (1/8in)

Sculpin Wool

Senyo's Barred Predator Wrap

Senyo's Shaggy Dub

Sexy Hex Spinner

Sheffield Soft Float - Squaty

Short Stone

Sili Legs

Smith Creek Rig Keeper Dropper Rig System

Soft Hackle Hen Saddle Patch

Sparkle Yarn - a Z-Lon Alternative - carded

Sparrow Stone (Black)

Sparrow Stone (Brown)

Squirrel Tails

Steelhead and Salmon of Michigan by Alan James Robinson

Steelhead Ice Caddis

Steelhead Pheasant Tail Stone

Stream Thermometer

Streamer Micro-Slit Foam Fly Box by C&F Design

Strung Marabou Blood Quills

Strung Rooster Saddle Dyed Over White

Strung Rooster Saddle Natural

STS Trilobal Dubbing

Super Fine Dubbing

Surgical Tubing-1/8"

Swiss Straw


Feature Articles

Swing Fishing by Matt Barthels

Spey Lines by Matt Barthels

Spring Steelhead Techniques by Nick Homan

Surgeon's Knot by Ray Schmidt

Sac Fry by Ray Schmidt

Schmidt's Estaz PCP by Ray Schmidt

Schmidt's Articulated Marabou Spey Instructions by Ray Schmidt

Schmidt's Epoxy Hex Nymph by Ray Schmidt

Schmidt's Antron Estaz Bug by Ray Schmidt

Schmidt's Egg by Ray Schmidt

Schmidt's Articulated Rattlesnake by Ray Schmidt

Schmidt's Articulated Marabou Spey by

Salmon Snake Pattern Instructions by Ray Schmidt

Schmidt Outfitters is Now a TFO Flagship Store by John Gouker

Schmidt's Rabbit Muddler (Madonna) by Ray Schmidt

Selecting a Fly Rod by Schmidt Outfitters Staff

Steelhead Rigging Techniques by Ray Schmidt

Stripping Streamers for Trout by John Gouker

Swing for Kings! by John Gouker

Swing Into Spring by John Gouker