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Site Map

The following is a list of all the Categories, Products and Feature Articles on our site. We hope it will assist you in finding what you're looking for.

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Deer Hair
From coastal to belly we have all the quality premium deer hair to suit all tyers needs and in a wide range of color

Deer, Squirrel & Calf Tails

Top quality tails for streamers to parachute posts.

Dennis Potter Flies

Dry Flies

Here is an excellent selection of trout dry flies for Great Lakes waters

Dry Fly Hooks


A wide array of premium dubbing for all types of flies and patterns.

Dyna King Accessories

A full collection of quality accessories for your Dyna King vise.

Dyna King Vise Selections

Dyna King is going on its 25th year of manufacturing quality fly tying vises from rotary models to the conventional. High quality and made to last a lifetime right here in the USA



Daiichi 1100

Daiichi 1100 - (Bronze) Wide-Gape Dry Fly Hook

Daiichi 1150

Daiichi 1180

Daiichi 1280

Daiichi 1510

Daiichi 1520

Daiichi 1530

Daiichi 1560

Daiichi 1710

Daiichi 1750

Daiichi 2051

Daiichi 2052

Daiichi 2151

Daiichi 2370

Daiichi 2421

Daiichi 2441

Daiichi 2571

Daiichi 3847

Dai-Riki #060

Dai-Riki #075

Dai-Riki #135

Dai-Riki #155

Dai-Riki #270 Natural Bend Hook

Dai-Riki #700

Dai-Riki #700B

Dai-Riki #730

Dai-Riki #810 Hook

Deer Belly Hair

Deer Creek Spey

Dennis Potter's Mahogany

Dennis Potter's Opal X-Caddis

Dennis Potter's Skunk Hopper

Dr Slick Premium Nippers

Dr. Slick Pisces Plier

Dr. Slick Rotating Hackle Pliers

Duck Quill

Dumbbell Eyes Painted

Dyna King Barracuda

Dyna King Kingfisher

Dyna King Professional

Dyna King Squire

Dyna King Supreme

Dyna King Voyager II

Dyna-King Bobbin Hanger Swing Arm

Dyna-King Cement Reservoir

Dyna-King Clamp Base w/shaft

Dyna-King D.M. Dubbing Whirl

Dyna-King Dubbing Spin Master

Dyna-King Gallows Tool

Dyna-King Hair Stacker

Dyna-King Half Hitch Tool

Dyna-King Kingfisher Fly Tying Kit

Dyna-King Lightweight Bobbin Hanger

Dyna-King Material Clip

Dyna-King Midge Jaws

Dyna-King Pedestal Base with Shaft

Dyna-King Profile Plate

Dyna-King Trim Bag

Dyna-King Vise Extension - Adjustable

Dyna-King Vise Extension (L-shaped)


Feature Articles

Developing Michigan Steelhead Flies by Ray Schmidt

Daiichi Fly Tiers Reference by Anglers Sport Group

Deer Creek Switch Rod Review by John Gouker, Fly Fishing Guide

Dennis Potter's Opal Elk Caddis by Ray Schmidt

Dennis Potter's Opal-X Caddis by

Dennis Potter's Skunk Hopper by Ray Schmidt

Dry Skunk by