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Salmon Snake Pattern Instructions

Salmon Snake Pattern Instructions
by Ray Schmidt

This is the fly that is changing the way fly anglers fish King Salmon. With a 10 weight rod and a 350 to 400 gr Streamer Express fly line, this fly brings Kings running. We have had as many as 25 to 30 Kings a day come out of log jams to get this fly!

We fish the fly with a slow but steady strip. When the fly hits the water, do a countdown to achieve the desired depth. We tie this fly to the leader with a no-slip mono loop knot for the best action. Hang on!

The best time to fish this fly is when the Kings first come into the river, mid-August to mid-September.

Hooks Dai-Riki #810 size 1/0 (main body), Maruto #8245BD size 4 (stinger)
Connector 30 lb. Maxima Chameleon and 4- 3mm plastic beads
Thread: UTC 200 white
Stinger Fly:
 Main Body Fly:

Salmon Snake Step By Step

Step One

Tie in Micro Cactus Chenille

Step Two

Palmer forward and tie off.

Step Three

Tie in Magnum Rabbit Strip

Step Four

Step Five

Tie in Everglo Flash.

Step Six

Poke the hook through the center of the Rabbit strip as shown.


Step Seven

Cut a 10" piece of Maxima, thread it through the stinter hook eye, and thread on four beads.

Step Eight

Lash the Maxima on the side of the hook shank so the loop on the mono is vertical as shown in Step Seven.

Step Nine

Fold the mono back and lash it to the hook shank and cut it off at the end of bead 2. This supports the stinger. Glue with Flexseal.

Step Ten

Tie in Micro Cactus Chenille.

Step Eleven

Tie off.

Step Twelve

Tie in Super Hair.


Step Thirteen

Tie in Magnum Rabbit and split as in Step Four.

Step Fourteen

Tie in Everglo Flash.

Step Fifteen

Tie in chartreuse Master Bright as shown.

Step Sixteen

Rotate upside down and tie in orange Master Bright.

Step Seventeen

Repeat steps 15 and 16 to build head length.

Step Eighteen

Pick out and trim Master Bright to shap the head.


Step Nineteen

Trim a spot for the Doll Eyes and use 5 Minute Epoxy to adhere them to the fly.

Step Twenty

Slide the Petitjean #4 Magic Head on and go fishing!


Available Colors: Chartreuse/Orange and Black/White

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