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Gurglin' Trout

Gurglin' Trout
by John Gouker
Schmidt Outfitters

I always look forward to the great trout fishing of late spring and summer. The trout have salmon fry, baitfish, and other small trout to feed on. Streamer fishing and swinging fry or minnow patterns are two of my favorite ways to pursue trout. These fish tend to be very aggressive to the normal patterns for a time and then they learn to avoid the norm. I fish some fairly high pressure water and am always looking for something different to get the trout in the mood.

The experiment started with fishing bluegill poppers for trout. Then I decided to try some Gurgler patterns to mimic injured baitfish on the surface. The pattern is a variation of the traditional Gurgler tied by Jack Gartside. The pattern is used more frequently for saltwater or bass fishing, and it also works surprisingly well for trout.

The technique is fairly simple. Cast across or down and across, then with upward rod twitches, pop, gurgle, and swing the fly through the target zone. The takes can be quite explosive and the faster the Gurgler moves, the more violent the fish become. Equipment for the technique is also simple: 5 weight rods, floating lines, and 9 foot / 3X leaders.

Gurglin' for trout is a little bit different from the norm, but give it a try and you might get hooked. It is a great way to cover water and gives you the best of both streamer and dry fly fishing. So get out there and let the trout know they are about to get gurgled.