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Hook Keeper

by Ray Schmidt

Here's Ray Schmidt's answer to the metal hook / fly keepers installed on fly rods. This alternative method eliminates line fouling and injuries from old fashioned hook / fly keepers. It takes a little time to install but it's worth the time invested. Below are the step-by-step instructions. Have fun!


Here's a typical metal hook / fly keeper mounted on a rod.


Here's a rod with no hook keeper at all

Step One

Insert a fly tying bodkin through the handle cork as shown.

Step Two

Cut an 8" length of 40lb Maxima and tie an overhand knot in the end.

Step Three

Tighten the knot down with pliers.

Step Four

Insert the end of the mono into and through the cork as shown.

Step Five

Snip the tag end off the knot.

Step Six

Put a drop of Zap on the knot.

Step Seven

Pull the mono and the knot down into the cork. The knot should dissapear

Step Eight

Make another hole with the bodkin through the cork about 1/2 inch apart.

Step Nine

Insert the mono through the hole in the cork.

Step Ten

Tie another overhand knot.

Step Eleven

Tighten the last overhand knot.

Step Twelve

Snip the tag end as before.

Step Thirteen

Place a drop of Zap on this knot.

Step Fourteen

Pull the mono loop to draw down the knot into the cork as before.

Here's the finished hook / fly keeper. You will never hurt your finger again on the keeper!