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Stripping Streamers for Trout

Stripping Streamers for Trout
by John Gouker
Schmidt Outfitters

Every winter I sit around tying flies and dreaming about spring. While most people I know are thinking primarily about steelhead, I find myself thinking about stripping streamers for big trout.

The streams that hold spring steelhead also hold early opportunities for large trout. The smaller streams and rivers heat up early and so does the streamer fishing. These waters open early or stay open all year, allowing you a jump on your trout fishing season.

Matching the hatch is a common practice in trout fishing. The hatch in this case is small baitfish, but more likely on many of our steelhead rivers, the hatch includes smolt imitations. These smolt patterns range from 3 to 6 inches in length. Realistic patterns such as Kelly Galloup's T & A Bunkers work well as smolt imitations. There are other patterns and imitations that attract large trout. I carry an assortment of streamers from 2 to 6 inches in length and in colors such as white, tan, yellow, olive, and black.
The rivers and streams that have wild fish tend to stay cool throughout the summer months. They will fish well most of the summer and will continue to fish productively through late fall. The fishing in the months of October and November can be excellent with brown trout going on a fall feeding binge.

Hopefully as you read this, you will consider expanding your trout fishing season. Stripping streamers for large trout can be extremely exciting and will add months to your trout fishing. Most people will probably find they enjoy it so much that it becomes addictive. This means you might start thinking more about trout and less about migratory fish, just like I do.

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